We are Shapr3D.

The team


Istvan is an entrepreneur, software engineer, and founder of Shapr3D, with experience in mobile application development and 3D modeling algorithms.

Istvan Csanady


Tamás is an iOS guy with a background in software and bionics engineering.

Product Designer

Zoli is mastermind behind the UI of Shapr3D.

iOS Developer

Tibi is an iOS developer at Shapr3D.

Online Marketer

Dani is an online marketer at Shapr3D.

iOS Developer

Aron is an iOS Developer at Shapr3D.

Growth hacking and SEO

Gabor is a growth marketer and an SEO expert.

Business advisor

Zsolt has more than 15 years experience working at software companies in C level positions.

Business advisor

Dávid is the Product lead at Formlabs, a desktop 3D printing company.


—Building a CAD app for the future

You know how CAD UI looked like 15 years ago?
Luckily, there's no need to dig through your floppy disks: any CAD user interface is more or less the same in 2016.

Being regular CAD users, this was more and more unsettling for us, so we decided to build a CAD that is finally forward-looking. With its novel user interface and revolutionary sketching mechanism, we're proud to say that Shapr3D is indeed becoming the CAD of the future.

—Working hand in hand with our users

We're crazy about user-driven innovation. We believe that successful ideas can only be brought to life when they are developed together with their future users. That's why we're crafting our software with the help of an amazing community of engineers, designers and hobbyists. Still in doubt? Just take a look at our forum.

—Cutting-edge AdTech and Marketing

We're eager to follow the latest trends in online marketing. We're constantly experimenting with novel ad platforms, and looking for new ways to fuse data with creativity. We believe that advertising should be about world-class creativity, backed by correct data - data that's informative for anyone inside the office. That includes our engineers.


Food is such a passion for us that sometimes we talk about food even when we're eating. It helps us build an incredible app, and enlightens even the darkest of pre-release days. It's something that connects the whole office, making the daily lunch much more than a simple act of nourishment. It makes us happy.