Shapr3D Tutorials

Full Tutorials

We have created long and full tutorials for you to get started with Shapr3D.


In this 11 min long tutorial you can learn how to color shapes and models. Coloring works on imported models too. The tutorial explains how to color multiple items to different colors in one flow, how the color picker and how recently used colors work. You can learn how to organize your work in groups that make coloring easier. It also details how to set the default color for new shapes instead of grey.


This tutorial walks you through the process of creating a gear in Shapr3D. You'll learn how to use advanced sketching, constraints and trimming, pivot transformations, groups and layers. You can also see how to copy-paste objects, how to move, transfrom and translate them. This tutorial was created with the 2.0.6 version of Shapr3D, which was released in late January 2017.

Bent Stool

In this tutorial you will learn how to break down a complex design into simple building blocks and use advanced sketching and sketch group techniques to easily create a bent plywood stool. In addition to this you will also learn what level of detail is appropriate for a sketch and what detail is best done via a solid modeling tool.

Pencil Holder

Watch this intro tutorial and learn the very basics of 3D CAD modeling and Shapr3D. This video walks you through the general concepts of 3D modeling while you create an Apple Pencil Holder.


Learn how to create a spatula in Shapr3D. This tutorial covers creating sketch parts that are rotated, including creating gorgeous blend curves and making use of object mirroring plus rotation while maintaining simple and flat sketches.

USB Plug

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your first basic sketches, use views and groups to organize your work. You can also learn how to create solid parts from them, how to assemble and finish an Apple USB plug, using best practices and an efficient workflow.

Open Dresser

Learn how to utilize smart drafting techniques to create an open dresser. Use sketches and constraints to create the layout for the shapes and objects that make up this dresser. This tutorial covers how to creating the initial sketch and how to do extrusions in the app.

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