Sketching in Shapr3D

How to Sketch

Watch the following videos to learn the basics of sketching in Shapr3D.

How to sketch

Learn how to draw lines and arcs.

Drawing splines

You can draw splines in Shapr3D with your Apple Pencil by pressing.

Sketch on faces

You can easily sketch on faces by double tapping on the face and using the pencil.


Constraints help you define how your sketch geometry should behave.


Use the disjoint tool to separate previously joined points.

Lock / Unlock

Use the lock and unlock tool to fix points, lines, curves.


Set items to be tangent to each other.


Set sketches to be symmetric to each other.


Use the trim tool to get rid of unwanted lines and edges.

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When you are done perfecting your sketch, it's time to turn it into a 3D model. There are several tools in Shapr3D to do that.

If you wish to modify your shapes and models, you can use several tools to do so.

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