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Learn how to use Shapr3D

Watch the following videos to learn the basics and get started with Shapr3D.


This section covers the basic navigation and settings.

Watching these videos will help you control the camera, switch between views.


If you are already familiar with the Basics of Shapr3D, you can start sketching lines, arcs, circles.

You can also use the advanced sketching tools, trimming and constraints.


When you are done perfecting your sketch, it's time to turn it into a 3D model. There are several tools in Shapr3D to do that.

If you wish to modify your shapes and models, you can use several tools to do so.

Full Tutorials

If you are very familiar with how Shapr3D works, you can move on to the more advanced tutorials.

Here we created full tutorials, which walk you through the process of creating objects from nothing.

Get started with Shapr3D