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The easiest 3D CAD!

Shapr3D is the world's first professional 3D CAD to run on an iPad Pro.

Easy to learn. Easy to use. But still professional.

Draw shapes, then transform them. Use freeform surfacing, sketch on faces, and chamfer edges in seconds.

All you need is your iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil and Shapr3D.

Garlic press 3D design

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Shapr3D fits your workflow

The app was specifically created & designed for iPad Pro. From the ground up. With the easy to use interface it takes less than 15 minutes to learn how to use the program.
Water bottle designed in Shapr3D


Sketch like you did on paper, and have the results instantly in 3D. All you need is your iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil and Shapr3D.


Shapr3D is compatible with ALL major CAD software, like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Fusion360, Rhino3D, CATIA, Inventor.


Your sketches and models will be perfectly measured. We support mm, cm, m, inch and foot.


The ultimate goal of Shapr3D is to be your 3D modeling tool of choice. To do this, we support these transformations & features.


How others use Shapr3D?

Unleash your creativity! You'll be amazed how many professionals use the app in various industries.
Claas Kuhnen, industrial designer

Industrial design

Claas Kuhnen is an industrial design professor at Wayne State University and he runs his own design consultancy studio. He is also one of the early adopters of Shapr3D. He shared with us where he sees the CAD industry heading and how he fits Shapr3D into his workflow.

Creating storyboards with Shap3d and Procreate

Creating storyboards

Michael Byrne is a creative director based in London who uses Shapr3D and Procreate to create children’s book illustrations. He worked in digital design covering animation, interface design, gameplay, user journeys, illustration and user experience among other disciplines.

Fashion jewelry designer, Rordrigo Otazu

Fashion jewelry

Rodrigo Otazu is a fashion jewellery designer. He was born in Argentina and now lives in New York. His jewels are worn by famous people like Madonna, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Sarah Jessica Parker or Lady Gaga. Rodrigo is also a proud Shapr3D user.

Models & Creations

Check out what others have created with Shapr3D!

Mars Rover

You can even design a Mars Rover with Shapr3D.

Mars Rover

Beach House

A simple and elegant beach house concept done 100% in Shapr3D.

Beach House design in Shapr3D


Another useful kitchen utility, a Spatula.

Spatula concept design

Water bottle

This simple water bottle was designed by Claas Kuhnen.

Water bottle design by Claas Kuhnen

Vertical Fan

This shell modell represents a vertical fan in 3 different angles.

Vertical fan

Hair Dryer

This hair dryer even made it to the CNC machine.

Hair dryer 3D model and CNC
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